Whether you are setting up a new speciality coffee bar or you’re an established business looking to improve the quality of your coffee, Playtime can supply everything from coffee to espresso machines and grinders, right down to cleaning equipment and water filtration systems.

We embrace the individuality of each of our customers and, as such, offer the opportunity to select personalised packaging. We can work together to create illustrations that communicate the story of your brand to your customers in a true Playtime style.


Ethically sourced, expertly roasted, impeccable every time. We have a range of espresso blends available to suit different palates, as well as a rotating selection of exquisite and rare single origins.

We regularly receive fresh shipments of the most recently harvested green beans. Roasted to order, your coffee will always arrive fresh and full of flavour ready for you to share with your customers.


We work with leading brands like Slayer and Victoria Arduino because they share our passion to innovate and consistently produce the highest standards. With a large range of equipment available, we will work with you to devise a setup that is perfect for your requirements paying consideration to functionality, style, space and budget.

We take advantage of new technology and research to help us perfect our roasting and brewing skills, and continuously strive to improve every aspect of our coffee process. By working with us, you will be at the cutting-edge of coffee innovation.


As one of our partners, you will have our full day-to-day support for any technical and training requirements.

If for any reason your equipment goes down you can call upon our skilled technicians who will be on the road to make sure you are back up and running in no time.

You should also make use of our experienced team who can provide on-site training sessions to suit your specific needs. If this is your first foray into coffee, we can start right from the basics, or if you have more experience, we can tailor sessions to focus on particular aspects to refine your skills and knowledge.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can work together to deliver the ultimate coffee experience. hello@playtimecoffee.com